Precision Laser Cut Components

     Our history as a leading provider of veneer inlays for the furniture industry, combined with our precision CNC laser-cutting equipment, allows us to deliver superior quality in a wide range of custom-cut components and products, including but not limited to:

•Automotive Panels
•Cabinetry & Door Inlays
•Steel Parts
•Architectural Panels
•Point of Sale Displays
•Inlaid Veneer Tabletops
•Custom Cut Tabletops
•Inlaid Lines & Curves
•Metal Grillwork
•Laser Precision Cut Fabrics
•Wooden Grillwork
•Shaped and Welded Products
•Laser-Cut Chair Backs
•Prototype Products

     Our laser cutting capabilities cover a broad spectrum of materials, including:

•Wood Veneer               •Curved Plywood

•Printed Board               •Flat Plywood

•Plastic                            •MDF

•Plexiglass                      •Stainless Steel

•Fabric                            •Sandpaper

•Vinyl                               •Leather

•And more

     If you have products planned for development, our highly skilled technical team can work with your engineers to create laser-cut prototypes that will ensure that your ideas become successful realities.  We will partner with you to design a manufacturing process that will enhance your overall quality, boost your efficiency and save you money.