Inlaid Lines and Marquetry

      Our foremost skill lies in our unique ability to work with wood and wood products to fashion elegant, high-end pieces that will be treasured as heirlooms.  Our talented artisans create beautiful inlays and border designs of the finest quality and craftmanship.

     We work with a wide range of furniture manufacturers, designers, architectural firms, and restoration companies to create a variety of products that are both beautiful and functional.  From door panels to custom conference table inlays, to straight and curved lines and borders for fine furniture, we can provide you with the highest quality precision components.
     For decades, Lines Unlimited has been the leader in supplying veneer faces, laid-up panels, marquetry, inlaid lines, and border designs to enhance top of the line furniture.  Our mark of excellence can be readily seen in each piece that is produced.  The success of our client partners is our foremost concern, and we will always provide the excellence and service that has come to be expected of Lines Unlimited.
     That is why the most respected furniture manufacturers in the country - companies like Henkel Harris, Stanley Furniture and Baker have depended on us as their trusted source for inlaid veneer for their top product lines.