Furniture Manufacturers

     Over the years, Lines Unlimited has built a reputation as being the leading supplier for veneer faces, decorative millwork, creative marquetry, specialty woodworking such as inlaid lines and border designs, and laser-cut wooden panels. We have partnered with furniture manufacturers to create beautiful pieces of heirloom quality that display timeless artistry and craftsmanship.
     Our laser-cut components include door panels, custom conference table inlays, straight and curved lines and borders for fine furniture, and much more. If it’s wood, we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to help design and produce quality end products that are in a class of their own. That’s why the most respected furniture manufacturers in the country – companies like Henkel Harris, Stanley Furniture and Baker – have depended on us as their trusted source for inlaid veneer for their top product lines.

  • Custom Tabletops
  • Leg Overlays
  • Laser Cut Chairbacks
  • Custom Drawer Fronts

What Clients Have to Say

We have always found Lines Unlimited to be dependable, with excellent workmanship and consistent quality. They Ha€™ve helped us develop new products with reasonable prices, and we can depend on them to deliver on time. The entire staff is courteous, knowledgeable, friendly and easy to deal with. Charlie Murphy and Don Ferraro , Henkel-Harris