In the 1960’s a young artisan named Russell Dunbar was building his reputation as a top maker of custom handcrafted furniture in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. He realized his success was due to his commitment to producing quality products and providing unparalleled personal service for his customers, and he also believed he could put this philosophy to work on a larger scale if he had the opportunity. Soon it would become possible for him to realize his dream.

     A local Kalamazoo company, Danker Marquetrie, founded by the late Mr. Danker in the early 1900s had grown and prospered until its founder’s death. When Danker’s widow decided to sell the company in the mid-1960s, Dunbar broadened his operations by purchasing Danker Marquetrie, and incorporated his philosophy of quality and service into his new business.



  • Early 1900s \ Mr. Danker founds Danker Marquetrie in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Mid-1960s \ Russell Dunbar purchases Danker Marquetrie.
  • 1981 \ Dunbar opens a second company, Lines Unlimited, Inc. in Kernersville, North Carolina.  Current owner Kyle Fletcher hired as first employee.
  • 1986 \ Lines Unlimited begins using laser systems.  Dunbar's daughter Deborah joins Lines Unlimited in North Carolina.
  • 1988 \ Danker Marquetrie closes in Michigan and all operations are consolidated with Lines Unlimited in N.C.
  • 1991 \ Russell Dunbar retires, Kyle Fletcher and Deborah Dunbar assume leadership of Lines Unlimited, Inc.
  • 1998 \ Lines Unlimited builds new facility in Kernersville and moves corporate offices and manufacturing operations.
  • 2001 \ Lines Unlimited begins fabricating parts for the commercial bus industry.
  • 2013 \ Deborah Dunbar retires.
  • 2014 \ Lines Unlimited begins fabricating end panels and tops for steel shelving for libraries.
  • 2015 \ Lines Unlimited begins offering custom designed casework furniture .

     With the success of the growing company over the next three decades, Russell expanded to a second location in Kernersville, North Carolina. Finally, in 1988, all the company’s operations were consolidated in the new plant.

     In 1991, Dunbar’s daughter Deborah, along with long-time company executive, Kyle Fletcher, began managing the company. With the new management team came an era of growth, expanded technology, and many new capabilities.

     Today, Lines Unlimited is recognized as a pioneer and leader in the use of CNC Laser Systems providing excellence in the unique and specialized field of laser-cut inlays and precision parts. The company still proudly adheres to that original commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service.